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350 W

Motor Capacity

36V 7.5AH

Battery Capacity

8-10 HOURS

Charging Time

45 LBS


220 LBS

Payload Capacity

"The first 36V dual battery scooter design with the battery hidden in the T handle, which is removable and portable. Connect the charging cable to directly charge the scooter. Remove the battery within one second, it can be charged in any location, for example, your living room or office. Purchase an extra battery, put it in your bag or office, switch them over at any time to keep on riding."

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Dual Battery Scooter

Designed for urban life

One battery hidden in the pedal, and the other hidden in the T handle, which is removable and portable. Connect the charging cable to directly charge the scooter, or remove the battery to charge wherever you want.

  • Charge the whole scooter

  • Take out battery to charge

Troxus T1

TROXUS Electric Scooter T1 Pro

Dual Battery Scooter brings you further

Electric scooters bring convenience to city life and are also environmentally friendly. Effortlessly travel through towns and commute to get off work faster without fuss, fatigue, or sweat while wearing your daily attire.  The lightweight design facilitates compact storage. You can ride smoothly over most urban roads and speed bumps,  with a push-button accelerator and built-in lights. In short, Troxus scooters are designed for urban life.


350W Efficient Brushless Motor

The 350W front motor reduces the body gravity carried by the rear wheel, effectively reduces battery consumption, and improves endurance.

350 W

Motor Capacity 

15 MPH

Max Speed

Smart Display

The Intuitive LED display can show you the battery , speed,  information directly.

Smart Controls

Double-click the power button to easily switch between ECO mode, Standard mode (D) and Sport mode (S) , easily controlled under different riding modes, and the maximum speed can achieve 25km/h.


Easy to fold

The one-touch folding system makes this lightweight Troxus easy to carry on public transportation, store in your car.

The buckle design at the fold is scientific, it will not suddenly loosen during riding, there will be no shaking feeling, and there will be no shaking caused by folding numerous times.

Front Lighting

Integrated bright lights make it safer to travel at night.

Rear Warning Light

Red warning tail light, which lights up when you turn on the power, and when you brake to remind vehicles behind you to keep their distance.

9.3” Tires

Thick shock-absorbing tires, smooth riding over most urban roads and speed bumps.

Double Brake System

Front-wheel electronic brake and rear-wheel disc brake, sensitive response, convenient operation, shorter braking distance, and safer.

Triple Shock Absorption

Front-wheel combined with rear-wheel suspension type damping, with T1 Pro special tires, good shock absorption effect, and comfortable riding.

Hidden Kickstand

Unique design, convenient, and stylish.


    Top Speed: 15 mph

    Weight: 45 lbs  

    Water Proof: IP54  

    Recommended Rider Heights: 4'7” ~ 6'4”

    Size (unfolded): 45.2" (L)* 20.8" (W)* 45" (H) 

    Approx. Max Range: 37.2 Miles

    Passenger Weight Limit: 220 lbs

    Battery Charge Time: 8-10 Hours

    Max. Slope Performance: 15°(for 220 lbs weight)   

    Size (folded): 45.9" (L)* 19.2" (W)* 19.5" (H) (approx.)



    Tires: 9.3

    Motor:36V 350W

    Battery: Lithium Battery Cell 36V/7.5 Ah

    Light: Standard Version / CE OR ABE Version

    Motor: Efficient Brushless Motor / Front Drive / 350W

    Display: LED Display With 3 Modes(Eco / Drive / Sports)

    Charger: Intelligent Charger/ 42 V / 2A / Short Circuit Protection

    Brakes: Dual Brake System - Disc Brake(rear) / Electronic Regenerative Brake(front)


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