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Why The Troxus T1 Is A Must Have For Commuters.

Personal electric modes of transport are the future of urban transportation. People in cities all around the world are understanding that it is far easier and more efficient to use an electric scooter. In this blog, we will discuss why the Troxus T1 is the best choice of electric scooter for commuters.


For a limited time, you can get the T1 E-scooter for only $399USD ($100 OFF). That is incredibly cheap! In the long run, buying a Troxus T1 Electric Scooter is more cost-effective than catching a bus, the metro, or even a shared scooter/bike. The T1 is also much cheaper than other electric scooters at the same quality level. The Troxus T1 Electric Scooter is a tiny investment for such an innovative and dynamic product. 


Not every scooter rider can ride all the way to work or school, some people may still need to drive, ride the metro or bus for part of their commute. However, portable and foldable electric scooters like the Troxus T1 are a great “Last Mile” option for commuters. The T1 can easily be carried and fit underneath a seat on the bus or the trunk of a car. 

Another benefit of the Troxus T1 is the design. Unlike other electric scooters, the T1 has a high-quality, stylish and innovative design so you won’t feel uncomfortable riding it to an important business meeting with high-level clients. 

Avoid Gridlock

Electric scooters are perfect for avoiding the hassle and stress of peak hour traffic. Construction and traffic accidents can also delay cars, buses and the metro. If you are constantly late to work or class because of factors out of your control, you are most likely incredibly frustrated. That’s why the T1 is a perfect solution. The T1 also has an easily removable battery, so if you need to go further, simply swap over with a fresh battery. 

Environmentally Friendly

The lack of greenhouse emissions that electric scooters produce is another reason why they have become so popular in recent years. People all around the world are realizing that electric scooters are more environmentally friendly than other modes of transport. In saying this, shared scooters can be an issue in regard to the environment, that’s why owning your very own environmentally friendly Troxus T1 is the perfect option for your commute. 


Overall, a Troxus T1 is an awesome investment and a must have for urban commuters. Let us know below if you can think of any other reasons why people must have a Troxus T1 scooter. We would love to hear your thoughts. 

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