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Troxus T1 – Learn More About The World’s Best E-Scooter Battery Design

TROXUS electric scooter is a product with a unique design, strong practicability and popular price. Once it was released, it was favored and pursued by electric scooter users all over the world. In particular, the battery design of the electric scooter is a work designed by TROXUS team from the pain point of the market and based on the needs of consumers, combining artistic inspiration and practical science and technology. Today let's take a look at the innovative design of the TROXUS battery.

  1. Provides multi-scene charging possibilities:

 A conventional electric scooter can only be charged by plugging the power into the scooter. This can cause a lot of trouble, such as bringing the scooter to the office or living room to recharge, and the wheels on the scooter can cause stains. But TROXUS helps you avoid such troubles, our removable battery allows you to directly carry the battery to a rechargeable place, you do not need to carry the full scooter.

  1. Provides alternate possibilities:

In our lives, we may not have time to recharge or forget to do so. Imagine riding your scooter in the morning and suddenly finding the battery is gone. Or meeting friends in the park and coming back in the afternoon when the electricity suddenly goes out. With other scooters, the situation would be awkward. TROXUS avoids this situation by giving you the ability to have an extra battery, no matter if you're going outdoors, put your electric scooter in the trunk of your car or an RV. Or go out on a yacht or whatever, you won’t have to worry about the battery ever again.

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3. TROXUS is unlike other electric scooters, it adds personalization. In such an era when everyone pursues individuality...

 All in all, the TROXUS team was driven by reality, by cost, not by wild ideas, so ultimately this... The price is only $499... Suitable for public travel consumption... It's truly worth it!

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