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How to safely ride an electric scooter

Are you daydreaming about a new scooter? Did you already buy one, and are you looking for some basic riding tips? If so, this week's blog is right for you. This week, we are going to share with you all the things you need to know to get started riding an electric scooter for the first time. So, you can avoid the mistakes most people made when they got started. If you have been riding for a while. Keeping an open mind about learning new tips and tricks is essential. It will help you become a better rider.

Safety Gear

What gear do you need as an E-scooter rider?

  • Helmet

The most important thing is to always wear a helmet when riding! No matter if you are just going to the grocery store to pick up something, and it's just 400 meters away. Wearing a Helmet means safety, and this can save your life or prevent serious injury.

  • Wrist pads

Especially when riding a long board or an electric scooter, you better have wrist pads. So, you can wear them with your gloves. These are really easy to get some gloves that have them already built-in.

  • Jacket

Some jackets help you stay cool and keep you warm. But most of all, you need to get a jacket which has membranes or several layers. This will allow you to stay warm during the colder months.

Basics of riding

When you first jump on a scooter. Be sure to give yourself the time and space to learn how to operate it. Find somewhere with a good surface and plenty of room. This will give you the chance to get to know how your e-scooter operates without having to worry about surprises or obstacles.

After jumping on an E-scooter, the first thing is to make sure your kickstand is folded up. This one is easy to forget, even for seasoned riders. So, making it a habit from the get-go will see you off to a good start. Secondly, check what's around you to make sure all is clear. Once you push off, slowly push down on the accelerator, and you should feel the motor kick in. Some throttles are more sensitive than others. So, use a soft touch in the beginning. Once you've perfected your kickstart and feel stable. Kickstarting saves battery. This is the way our Troxus scooters work. Not only does it add to balance, but it also saves battery because starting the movement from still position uses more battery than using the motor after the movement has already begun. During riding, turn by leaning at high speed. More stability by leaning down since the center of gravity goes down. And if you need to brake hard, lean back. Breaks more efficiently, more balance, and less stress for the stem.

Traffic rules

Focus on your surroundings while riding. Know where you drive. Wet surfaces can be slippery. And pay attention to pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and other barriers. Always maintain a safe speed and be ready to slow down or stop when you approach pedestrians. You have to be extra careful to prevent accidents. Abide by the regulations and rules, follow the path of people, and safeguard yourself from infested places.

You should always keep to your left when on the pedestrian path. Riding recklessly can endanger yourself or pedestrians. If you encounter other riders, ride in a single file and slow down as you approach the rider in front. Don't tailgate. Always dismount and push when at zebra crossings or traffic junctions. Riding across these junctions is dangerous to pedestrians and you. Always give priority to pedestrians when using the pavement. Pedestrians have the right of way. If the pavement is congested. Always dismount from your scooter and push. Be patient when you encounter pedestrians. Sound your bell ones to alert them, and remember to say thanks!

Local laws

The Electric Scooter Laws by State are still developing, and speed limits and other regulations are often unclear. We dug deeper into E-scooters law in the USA and give a comprehensive guide on the last blog:

It is important to have a basic knowledge of laws and regulations before trying your first ride!

So go and have fun with your E-scooter safely!

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