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How to Fold the T1 Electric Scooter?

We often receive various emails from customers. From the time our team sold the first T1 electric scooter to the present, the most frequently encountered question from customers is: Why can't my new T1 electric scooter fold?

Let me first tell you what is a foldable electric scooter

Folding electric scooters are a new type of electric scooter. Compared with a traditional electric scooter, it is lighter and can move forward without manpower. Its main power source comes from the front wheel motor. What most people don’t know is that even when the battery is exhausted, the electric scooter will not stop immediately, it still has the power to glide for a period of time.

Note: Not all electric scooters can fold. So why did the Troxus team choose to make a foldable electric scooter?

Benefits of foldable electric scooters

Two major benefits, one is that they are light and the other is that they don't take up too much space. Unlike an electric scooter that cannot be folded, which is too large and inconvenient to carry, the foldable structure allows you to easily carry the scooter from one place to another, and it can also greatly save your space and enhance your experience.

How to fold?

There are two reasons for the failure to fold, one is the wrong operation by the user, and the other is the position of the eccentric wheel.

Here is a video about the folding steps, take a look:

Please note: T1 scooters have two locks, one is the inner lock, and the other is the outer lock. Generally speaking, the opening of the inner lock will be accompanied by the sound of a "ding". After the scooter is unfolded, the front pillar is fixed and the scooter is able to be ridden.

The second is the problem of the eccentric wheel. Due to improper packing or transportation, the position of the eccentric wheel at the fold is shifted. Here, the T1 user needs to move the tool up and down to adjust the position of the eccentric wheel until the buckle at the fold is tight. If the individual is unable to debug successfully, it can be sent to the repair shop for professional processing or sent to our address for processing by us.

Well, the above is the content of our blog this time, we hope it has been helpful. If you have any questions, you can also contact us by email <info@troxusescooter.com>. See you next time!

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