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How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Electric Scooter | Troxus

The world has recently seen a massive increase in electric scooter riders in the US and across the globe. One of the reasons for this dramatic rise is because e-scooters require so little maintenance compared to other modes of transport.

The only exception is if you do not take care of your electric scooter battery. By not using your electric scooter battery properly and not maintaining it correctly it can significantly reduce the life span of the battery. In this blog, we will teach you some tips and tricks to maintain your battery.


Don’t Completely Drain The Battery

Lithium batteries can be recharged numerous times without losing their capacity. They are used by many brands as they are strong, efficient, and durable. The ideal time to charge your electric scooter is when it has around 25% battery left. Once you have fully charged your battery, remove it from the charger.


Use The Official Charger For Your Scooter

Make sure you are using the correct charger for your scooter. Although you may find cheaper chargers online, they can dramatically decrease the life span of your battery. Quality scooter manufacturers will sell replacement batteries and cables, so make sure you buy from them instead of third-party sellers.


Take Care Of The Charger

Most scooter riders will only think to look after the battery, but ignore the actual charger. Most electronic products will age after time and scooter chargers are no exception. If your charger is slightly damaged it may affect the battery of the scooter, so it is best to take care of all your equipment.


Keep Your Battery Out Of Extreme Temperatures

If you plan to not use your scooter for a long period of time, make sure you fully charge it before storing it away. Lithium batteries will last longer when they have a constant charge. Lithium batteries do not cope well with extreme elements. You may have experienced that your battery does not last as long when it is extremely hot in summer or cold in winter. We recommend keeping your scooter in a dry place where it can escape the elements.


In Conclusion

Overall, the battery is a vital component of your electric scooter. If it is properly charged and taken care of it will stay healthy and last longer. Stay safe and keep on riding!


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