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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About the Troxus T1 Electric Scooter!

Troxus electric scooters are all around the world. We have many different customers who use their scooters for their own purposes. Let's take a look at some of the recent Troxus success stories.



Meet Olivia, she is a student from California. Olivia mainly uses her Troxus T1 scooter to get around her college campus and to ride around town. Her college campus is quite large, so she needed a scooter that would help her get to class on time. She believes it is the perfect scooter to get her to where she needs to go.

Olivia loves that the Troxus T1 scooter is sporty, goes up to 15mph, and can travel 18 miles on a single charge. She also enjoys that the T1 can charge in different ways. 1) Charge it by plugging it into the wall or 2) By removing the battery and charging it separately. Olivia recommends using two batteries so you'll always be able to keep riding by swapping them out. Another key feature she likes is the headlight and rear lights that allow for safe riding at night. She loves the fact that when you brake, the rear light will turn on.

Olivia loves the stylish blue design and thinks her friends will soon purchase their very own Troxus T1 electric scooter.




Meet Peter, he is 25 and lives in the CBD. Peter compared many different electric scooters online before finally choosing the Troxus T1 scooter because of the price. He loves the high tech and modern design of the T1 scooter.

Peter rides his scooter every day to work. He is impressed with how fast the scooter goes as it only takes him ten minutes to get to work from his home. He enjoys how easy it is to fold the scooter and that it is light to carry. Peter likes that he no longer has to waste time looking for parking spaces.

Like Olivia, Peter also recommends buying two batteries and leaving one at home and one in the office. Another feature Peter appreciates is the lights. The front and rear lights make it super safe to ride at night on his way back home.

Peter is extremely happy with his Troxus T1 purchase and recommends buying one as it is a cheap transportation option.




Both Olivia and Peter love their Troxus T1 electric scooter. They both love that the battery is removable, can be charged multiple ways, and that the lights make for a much safer ride at night. Olivia and Peter recommend buying a second battery, so you never have to stop riding.

Troxus T1 E-Scooter | Only $499

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