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Five Reasons Why Driving a Troxus Electric Scooter Will Save You Money

There are so many benefits to owning a Troxus T1 Electric Scooter. In past blogs, we have written about the top features and the top reasons you should buy a T1 scooter. In this blog, we will go into more detail and explain to you five reasons why driving a Troxus e-scooter will save you money.

1. Electricity Is Cheap

Driving an electric scooter in the USA is much cheaper than driving a vehicle that runs on gasoline. Let’s have a closer look at California.

A gallon of gasoline in California is $3.85. A car with a 12-gallon tank will cost you $46.20 to fill up. Meanwhile, a larger car with a 15-gallon tank will cost $57.75. Charging your electric scooter in the US will only cost you 2 cents. Charging an electric scooter is very cheap. In fact, it is one of the most cost-efficient modes of transport.

To say even more costs, you can easily charge your scooter at school or work.

2. Troxus T1 Price

The cost of a Troxus T1 is only $499. This is much cheaper than scooters at the same level. We currently have a limited offer, buy a T1 scooter and get an extra lithium battery for free. This deal will allow you to travel 36 miles with both batteries. You will also save $89 due to the free battery.  

3. Maintenance

Scooters are super simple to maintain. For example, the Troxus T1 Electric Scooter is made with modular parts, which means pieces can be easily fixed and replaced. A car or gasoline scooter is made up of many different parts, which need to be constantly maintained and can easily break.

4. Eco-bonus

Countries all around the world are realizing that electricity is a more environmentally friendly way to provide power to vehicles. Because of this, countries are providing eco-bonuses to people who purchase electric modes of transport.

5. Cost of Parking

Another benefit of riding a Troxus electric scooter is not having to pay for parking. On average, U.S drivers will pay over $3,000 a year on parking. This number will increase if you are located in the CBD of a major city. Not to mention, driving a car can be stressful as you can get stuck in traffic. A Troxus T1 can easily be folded and carried to your office or classroom.


Overall, there are so many cost-benefits to owning a Troxus T1 Electric Scooter. The cost of electricity, the cost of the T1, maintenance, potential eco-bonuses, and the cost of parking in major cities are all great reasons purchasing a Troxus T1 Electric Scooter is a smart decision.  

For ONLY $499 you can buy your very own Troxus T1 Electric Scooter.

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