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Exercise with Electric Scooters

Many people will not read this blog due to the title, having seen the words “Exercise with Electric Scooters”, people will just stop reading. Of course, this is somewhat of a controversial subject, but don’t worry, we are going to prove that you can actually get fit with an electric scooter.

- Less exercise than normal scooters but still better than nothing

Using your e-scooter daily or as often as you can is not a difficult task compared to doing it with a normal scooter because of the motor. It’s much healthier than riding the bus or the metro because your body is still moving and being active. Basically, you can use your e-scooter on every trip that you go on. For example, you can hop on your e-scooter if you plan to meet friends at a bar. Even if it's a 10-minute trip, that's still some good exercise. The more you do it, and the more you build up that habit, the more it's just going to become a routine that you stick to. The more it's going to be something that's just a part of your lifestyle. It's not going to be something you have to think about.

- Build core strength

Whether you're pushing a grocery cart or putting on shoes, you use your core to accomplish simple everyday activities. It also affects your balance, posture, and stability. Riding an electric scooter is an efficient way to build up your abdominal strength. When you stand on the scooter, you will have to use your muscles and stabilize your entire body. Moreover, it also improves your leg strength.

 - Low intensity, great for older people. 

 Electric scooters are suitable for senior citizens. It is a perfect option for senior citizens for many reasons. On scooters, seniors have the ability to choose how much they want to exert or not exert themselves. They can engage the motor, so the benefit to this is that they can go farther and see more than they usually are able to. Hence, it's a great option. In this situation, if you're a senior or an older person, and maybe you can't ride as far as you used to or have fear around riding too far and being too tired to ride back using your own energy. The electric scooter is great because you can always rely on it to get you home. If you have the motor as a backup, you can push yourself to go a little farther, see more things, and do more with your scooter.

 - Join an electric scooter group, making it easier for you to get up and get to the gym.

 If possible, find a partner or a group to ride with. If you're an introvert and you like to ride by yourself, that's fine. But you can also find friends that are into scooter riding. You can go out on longer rides when you are with other people. So, you get more fitness and more social time, which is great for your physical and mental health. It's a fun way to escape from your daily routine and the daily grind. So, if you have friends that are into e-scooter riding, it's going to be a way to increase the number of times you're going out, increase the frequency that you're getting exercise on the scooters and turn it into a habit that you stick with. Something that's not a chore but just an enjoyable experience that becomes part of your lifestyle.


The last thing is don't waste too much time choosing the e-scooters! Even the cheapest e-scooters can help you gain fitness. However, they may not the best way to lose weight as other workout programs. But they are fun and easy to get some daily exercise. So be sure to check out our e-scooters on the website, and start your scooter and fitness journey! 


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