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Best electric scooter accessories 2021

This week we are going to talk about the accessories that can make your electric scooter lifestyle easier and safer. Each item in this list solves a particular problem and is a must-have during 2021. Let's get started!


  1. Helmet

The most essential accessory is a helmet. You should never ride without wearing a helmet. While most body parts can be repaired, brain trauma is no joke. And it only takes one fall to have a life-changing accident. A helmet with a visor also keeps your head warm and keeps the bugs out of your eyes. Furthermore, the helmet gives your great visibility.


  1. Reflectors

Reflectors are crucial for providing additional visibility to car drivers, helping other road users see you. We all love night riding, but dark city streets make it harder for cars and others to know where you are going. You can add reflectors to your Troxus scooter.

  1. Secure Lock

If you have just spent your hard-earned money on a brand-new electric scooter, you take it with you everywhere you go, to work, to the grocery store, you even leave your e-scooter outside a coffee shop, etc. Unfortunately, you can't take your scooter into all these places. Sometimes you'll need to lock it up outside, and for that, you'll need a secure lock, so you won't get your new e-scooter stolen. And if you're leaving your scooter outside for an extended length of time. We don't recommend using a cable lock as those are pretty easy to cut.

Protip: not every lock will fit on every type of scooter, so make sure the lock you select will work with your model.

  1. Carrying strap

Electric scooters are always light and convenient to carry because of their folding design. Troxus scooters are the same. But some larger models can be heavy, so we recommend that you buy a shoulder strap. That way, the scooter is easy to carry, and you can take your own e-scooter to more places.


5.Phone holder

If you are like many people, you probably also check your phone way too much. But that habit can get you into real trouble when riding an electric scooter because it causes you to take one hand off the handlebars. It can lead to wobbles. Wobbles lead to falls, and falls are not fun. If you are addicted to your phone, or you need to use your google maps frequently. We suggest you do yourself a favor and purchase a phone holder for your scooter.


  1. Extra lights

Troxus comes with great lights, but if you need more, you can buy an extra light and put it on the handlebars, helmet, etc.


Here we highly recommend two lights. Handlebar-mounted front light and rear light.


handlebar-mounted front light

when riding at night, you'll need to see and be seen. Many scooters have low-mounted front lights that are very hard for cars to see. Additionally, the low position doesn’t give you enough visibility. So, you can’t see what is coming up, and for the few scooters with high-mounted front lights, nearly all of them are relatively weak and don't shine bright enough. Luckily, there is a vast array of handlebar-mounted scooter lights, most of which are made for bicycles but fit on most scooters as well. Some of these are upwards of 1,000 lumens and will light up your nighttime commute.


Rear Light

Nearly all scooters come with a powered real light due to the shape of electric scooters. But they are all mounted low. Low mounting doesn't allow cars to see you very well. You need to have a bright, high-mounted rear light. Anytime you ride at night, there are plenty of awesome models to choose from that can clip onto your backpack or helmet. 


What are your favorite scooter accessories? Let us know by email or via our social media accounts. Remember that Troxus make city e-scooters, so a lighter bicycle helmet is enough, and there is no need for off-road accessories. And if you want to know the perfect accessories for your Troxus e-scooter, click here.

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