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10 Signs Your Friend Needs An Electric Scooter | Grab Your Troxus T1 Today!

It is not just your imagination, electric scooters are taking over the whole world. You can easily find electric scooters in major cities around the world and their popularity are on the rise. The low cost, convenience, and reliability make them the perfect option for daily commuting.

Following are the top 10 indications that it is time for your friend to buy an electric scooter!


Electric Scooters are no Fuss or Muss, a dream for lazy friends!

We all have that one lazy friend who just cannot get the work done on time. And if they use a personal vehicle for daily transport, then they want a way out from worrying about insurance, regular oil changes, and car maintenance. With an electric scooter, all your friends need to remember is just to charge their scooter before the ride. There are no parts or maintenance factors that they need to worry about. Electric scooters like the Troxus T1, are long-lasting and durable.

Unlike other brands, the Troxus T1 electric scooter has an option of a pop-out battery, which enables you to ride without stopping as it only takes a few seconds to change the battery on the go. So, for your lazy friend, they can charge the batteries of a Troxus T1 electric scooter anywhere they want, whether they are in office or in their living room, and also put another battery on charge as well, so as soon as one battery finishes, they can immediately replace it with another one. This is just one of the many ways that the Troxus T1 Is different from regular electric scooters.


If your friend cannot afford high transport charges.

The Troxus T1 only costs $499. This is much cheaper than other electric scooter brands. More importantly, the quality of the Troxus T1 is extremely high. If your friend cannot afford the high costs of daily commuting then investing in an electric scooter is a perfect option. It is comparatively a cheaper option than investing in cars, or even public transport. An electric scooter has minimum to no maintenance costs at all. Also, you just need to charge the batteries to keep the electric scooter running, this saves so much money. 


For the friends who like to travel for entertainment!

Do you have a friend who just likes to travel, wander around the streets, or visit friends houses on a daily basis, but cannot afford to do so due to the high commute cost? An electric scooter is an obvious solution to all his/her problems. The Troxus T1 electric scooter is slim, foldable, and portable, it is just 16.5 lbs, and only takes 3 seconds to fold and open, one button covers all riding functions, even if you are a novice rider, you can start riding immediately. Other scooters are not as convenient as the Troxus T1, usually they are too bulky, heavy, or don’t have a removable battery like the T1.


If your friend is looking for a fun way to commute.

If you have a friend for whom having a fun experience is as important as convenience and cost when it comes to traveling, then electric scooters are an ultimate option for them. Scooters in general have a cool factor, it even makes a grown-up feel like a kid again. The scooter uses blue as the main color because in some way blue represents a toy, we hope everyone who owns the T1 will have fun while using it, and our design of the Troxus T1 is very modern, stylish and innovative which makes the commute even better. 


If your friend loves Mother Nature and is wary of Covid-19.

If your friend is crazy about nature and is looking for an alternative transport option that is eco-friendly then e-scooters are a perfect option for them. The Troxus T1 is 100% electric and can even be used as a push scooter when you have no battery left.

We are also in a global pandemic, so it can be pretty worrying being on public transport. Your commute might be packed full of people, whom some might not be taking the proper precautions. Having your own personal mode of environmentally friendly transport has never been so important.


If your friend likes to follow trends.

E-scooters are taking over the world at a growing rate. They are eco-friendly, flexible, portable, and are low cost which makes them the perfect tool for your daily commute. If you have a friend who likes to try out things before it becomes too common, then it is the perfect time for them to try out the Troxus T1 electric scooter. Removable batteries are the way of the future and the T1 is the first scooter with a battery that is easy to remove.


When your friend is clumsy.

If you have a clumsy friend who does not handle things with care, then the Troxus T1 electric scooter is a great choice for them due to its durability. It has been put through five different types of tests, which have increased its durability. Moreover, a one-second user-friendly quick release system for folding makes it even easier for them to carry it. The Troxus T1 is made with high-quality materialsMade with magnesium aluminum alloy, the body of the scooter is sturdy and durable, the scooter body reduces rivet welding, is convenient to install and unlike other brands, the T1 does not easily break.


When your friend prefers a smooth ride.

If your friend is someone who wants to enjoy their ride and at the same time want to feel like they are driving a Rolls Royce, then getting a Troxus T1 is a great choice. It has a front-wheel spring damping combination and rear-wheel suspension damping. With an 8.5" air wheel, the T1 can smoothly pass through most urban roads and speed bumps. It also has incredible shock absorption, which makes for a very smooth ride. 


If your friend is always late!

If you have a friend who always arrives late to events, work, or university, then they definitely need an electric scooter. An electric scooter means they will be able to quickly drive past traffic jams and as it is portable and sleek, it will help them to take the narrowest route as well. On the T1 if your friend ever runs out of battery, he/she can simply switch batteries over. How cool is that!?


If your friend is looking for a scooter that is easy to handle!

If your friend is someone who has little or no knowledge about technology, they do not need to worry anymore! The Troxus T1 is designed from the user's point of view, whether it is the replaceable battery, the single button operation, 3-step folding, an integrated controller, a hidden kickstand, etc. The Troxus T1 is a scooter made with the customer in mind. It is our goal to make sure every single rider has an amazing riding experience.

There you go! 10 signs your friend needs an electric scooter. For more information about the Troxus T1, visit here: https://troxusescooter.com/products/troxus-t1

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